Lady Luck Speed Dating (May 11, 2015)

Will I meet women in my age range?
Lady Luck has created its own custom computer technology to help you meet women at our romantic events who are within the age range you prefer. This way, while you may not meet everyone present at an event, you will meet the women who are the best fit for you.How is this event different from other speed dating events?

How is this event different from other singles events?
At Lady Luck, our emphasis is on an elegant, calm setting for your dates. We choose our venues for their ambiance: we want you to feel that this is a special night out. We give you more dates with women in the custom age range you select, in order to help you find the best matches for you. In addition, we schedule a meal or socializing after the event so that you can get to know each other in a relaxing community environment after making your first acquaintance.

I’m nervous. I don’t know if I can do this.
You’re not alone — a lot of women are nervous when they first come to a singles event. But most women feel a lot more comfortable once the event starts and they discover how friendly people are. Check out some advice from women who have been to a Lady Luck event about being nervous before an event.

I only like butch/femme/plus-size/Jewish/etc. women. Will I meet anyone I like at this event?
At Lady Luck events, you will meet a variety of women, and not all may be “your type.” However, we encourage you to be open to making new friends as well as romantic connections (and you never know whose friend-of-a-friend may become your next love interest).

I identify as queer/bi/transman/transwoman/genderqueer. Am I welcome?
Yes, all shades of the rainbow are welcome. Please bear with us as we update the gender language in our FAQ to reflect the beautiful diversity of our community.

I am poly. Am I welcome?
Yes. While most of our events are not designed specifically for the poly community, poly people are welcome.

Can I buy my ticket at the door?
Because we limit the number of tickets to Lady Luck events, we suggest that you purchase a ticket online before coming. However, you are welcome to purchase a ticket up to the last minute, as long as seats are still available.

My plans have changed. Can I have a refund?
We offer full refunds up to one week prior to the event. After that, you may transfer your registration to another person, but we do not offer refunds. Please contact us if you need to request a refund or a registration transfer.

What is Lady Luck’s dater guarantee?
We’re so confident that you’ll meet someone that you like, that if you come to a Lady Luck event and don’t meet anyone you’d be interested in dating, we’ll give you a free ticket to a future event.

I recently attended an event but didn’t meet anyone I was romantically interested in. How do I redeem my free ticket to an upcoming event?
If you recently attended an event but didn’t mark anyone as a “date”, get in touch with us here and tell us the date of the event you attended as well as the upcoming event you’d like to attend for free. This offer can be redeemed once per person.

We’re totally u-hauling. 
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